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Everything that you need to do is to be registered and deposit bitcoin. The main part of work is carried out by our analysts, managing directors and automted trading software. Every day you can control the status of your account and see the details of your deposit and earnings.
We at Crypto Royal Group have direct moral and financial interest in keeping the program stable. We do not engage in high risk techniques for any extended period of time and are trying to avoid them altogether to minimize risks.
Crypto Royal Group is one of the most revolutionary and most profitable software companies, which generates highly profitable returns and we are happy to share those returns fairly with our clients. Crypto Royal Group was created to focus on generating profits with automted trading software exclusively from the Forex market, Cryptocurrency trading, Cryptocurrency mining, and invest on new start-ups.
It is strictly forbidden to have multiple accounts for one user. This is a gross violation of internal rules that can result in the blocking of all user accounts and funds on them.


At the moment we accept Bitcoin.
To make investments with us, at first you should become our registered user. As soon as you are registered, you can always enter into the personal account using your Username and password, and make your investments in bitcoin.
Each member has the right to have an unlimited number of active investments at once. Please, visit your personal account to see current status of your account.
If your payment is not credited to your account after 2 confirmations, please contact us as soon as possible at: support@cryptoroyal.group


Minimum withdraw is as low as 0.001BTC. We just hope that our customers do not bombard our system with hundreds of withdrawals in this amount as this will affect the speed of our operation. Please try to accumulate higher amounts and schedule your withdrawals properly, for us to save time and effort, and for your side to save on fees and receive your withdrawals much faster.
The transaction fee is between 1% and 5% of withdraw amount. The fee depends on the actual number of total withdrawals.


If the client, who followed the partner link, has made the investment deposit the partner gains profit at a rate up to 10% from this deposit.
No, an active deposit is not required in order to receive affiliate commissions from your referrals.

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